I’ve just created a new WordPress account, associated with a page of mine called “The Ravine”, which I will be using to post comments on WordPress blogs. This blog, itself, will be used for posting commentary about the WordPress blogs I visit, and to share and maybe expand upon the comments I submit to them.

The Ravine, which is still sort of wandering at this point – I’ll explain that, in a future post – will cover a number of topics that center around the notion of natural limitations: Philosophy, especially Ethics (limitations on our actions), photography of caves and ravines (limitations on our movement), Scientific Skepticism (limits on what is plausible) … all of this growing out of some bookmarking that I have been and will be doing.

This choice of subject matter will influence my choice of blogs on which to comment, this blog being one which I will integrate with the Ravine. This should all make more sense, shortly.